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Who invented glasses?

Have You Ever Wondered Who Invented Glasses?

Eyeglasses are often called glasses for short and they are made from frames which hold hard plastic or glass lenses. Most glasses are worn for the purpose of correcting vision. Examples include glasses for near-sightedness and glasses for reading.

The first glasses were crafted in Italy in 1286. However, the inventor of these glasses remains a mystery. However, the invention of glasses for purposes of vision correction was referenced during a sermon which was given by a Dominican friar. The friar said during his sermon that glasses had been around for a couple of decades, and he gave the sermon in 1306. This sermon allowed historians to date the invention of glasses with a good degree of certainty.

In Venice, Italy, in 1301, a guild regulated the sale of glasses. The first pictures of glasses were painted portraits which showed human subjects sporting this type of corrective eye wear. One example is a portrait of a cardinal named Hugh de Provence, which was painted by Tommaso de Modena during 1352.

These early examples of glasses featured lenses of the convex type which corrected farsightedness and presbyopia (which is related to aging). In 1604, Kepler wrote up an explanation of the purpose of concave lenses and convex lenses for vision correction. His published explanation was really the first example of someone explaining the science behind vision correction with glasses.

The first eyeglass frames were made of a couple of magnifying glasses which were held together by handles. These glasses were able to sit upon the nose and stay put due to grip. These types of glasses were known as rivet spectacles. A pair of these primitive glasses were unearthed from beneath the flooring at a German convent known as Kloster Wienhausen. Historians believe that these unearthed rivet spectacles were created in 1400.

Glasses Have Come a Long Way

These days, technology has evolved and modern examples of glasses are truly amazing. Lenses may be crafted from super-thin and lightweight materials which resist shattering or fogging up. As well, frames these days are really comfortable. Those who want modern glasses in order to correct their vision should access eye tests from eye doctors who are able to write prescriptions for the ideal lenses.

It's possible to order glasses online, in addition to sunglasses and fashion frames which feature clear glass lenses that don't correct vision. There are tons of choices from an array of manufacturers, at an assortment of price points.

Now that you know that the inventor of glasses is unknown, as well as what is known about the very first glasses, you've gained a glimpse into the background of these forms of eye wear. It's safe to say that the inventor of glasses did a great deal for humanity!

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