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Save up to 75% on personalized prescription specs frames & lenses:


We have a large selection of quality spectacle frames and prescription sunglasses from £20 to £200. If you’re on a tight budget, we have many inexpensive frames where the price includes prescription lenses!

With hundreds of frames to choose from, all at very competitive prices, you will be encouraged to take your time to browse in a comfortable environment. We stock more than we can display, from traditional to the latest retro looks; with specs frames ranging from slim/petite fit to very large ones to suit adults of any age, if by any chance you can't see what you are looking for, please just ask for assistance; we will be glad to be of service.


In addition to our existing wide selection of ladies and gents frames we now stock the latest stunning designer collections from Ray-ban, Versace, Ted Baker, Joules, Cocoa Mint, Louis Marcel, Ferucci, Jensen, Paul Costelloe and Jaguar.

We have specialist frames for all types of sports with bespoke lenses and tints made to your prescription – such as cycling and running glasses, shooting glasses and swimming goggles.


We make all types of high quality prescription lenses - single vision, bifocal and varifocal lenses, prescription sunglasses, sports glasses, frame re-glazing and premium quality anti-reflection coatings to name a few. We supply all the major branded lenses including Zeiss, Hoya, BBGR and Essilor.

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We’ve supplied some really specialist lenses over the years and can supply just about any prescription, even the ones that many optical retailers say are impossible!


These are the most common and inexpensive lenses available. We stock many different powers in uncoated, hardcoated, or multi anti-reflection coated forms. These can often be glazed whilst you wait (providing we have the lens in stock) if you’re in a hurry or have broken your existing pair. Single vision lenses come in many different materials and in clear, photochromic or polarised.


Bifocals offer distance and near vision in a single lens. They are generally less expensive than the equivalent varifocal, but offer no intermediate correction like a varifocal does. You might struggle to view your computer monitor for example as this is considered to be at intermediate distance. Bifocals have a noticeable line or step at the top of the bifocal segment. We can supply all the bifocals available on the market today including the fairly complex Franklin Splits.


Varifocal lenses combine three different prescriptions in one clear lens, allowing you to see comfortably at all distances. Unlike bifocals, they do not contain a dividing line within the lens which makes them more cosmetically pleasing.


Quality anti-reflection coatings improve optics, reduce reflections, look better in the frame, improve night driving, help photochromic lenses work faster and are available with an anti-scratch guarantee.

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