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What Are the Different Types of Glasses and Lenses?

Glasses and lenses have come a long way. Today, consumers have a host of options which allow them to access their preferred style and fit, as well as lenses which are uniquely suited to their types of vision problems. Today, we'd like to share a host of practical information about the different types of glasses and lenses...

Which Type of Glasses Do You Need?

Some people buy reading glasses, which are worn only while perusing books, magazines or online materials, such as e-books. Others need glasses full-time and they buy designs which are suitable for wear all day and night. Lastly, sunglasses are available which protect delicate eye from UVA/UVB rays. Sunglasses may or may not have prescription-strength lenses.

Lens Types to Consider

Modern lenses are light, thin and resistant to scratches. They are far superior to old-fashioned glass lenses or plastic lenses which are a bit out of date!

For example, modern Polycarbonate lenses are resistant to impact and they are fine choices for those who participate in sports and/or work in environments where glasses might be prone to damage. As well, they are good for kids who tend to roughhouse and need durable spectacles! These types of lenses have UV protection built right in!

Another option is Trivex lenses, which are crafted from plastic which is a lot like Polycarbonate. These lenses are thin, light and resistant to impact. As well, they are believed to do a better job of vision correction than other types of lenses.

Those who have poor vision and need a high level of vision correction may wish to consider plastic lenses which are high-index styles. These lenses don't weigh much, they are thin and they are comfortable to wear.

Another choice is the Aspheric type of lens. It may be crafted with a particular degree of curvature. Since it's possible to make these lenses flatter or thinner, it's possible to utilize more of their surface area.

If you want your lenses to darken automatically when it gets brighter outside, you will need Photochromic lenses. They change from clear to tinted depending on the level of sunlight that is present. When you choose these lenses, sunglasses won't be necessary. However, now and then, Photochromatic lenses don't darken properly inside of cars, as windshields tend to block UV light. These lenses may be crafted from plastic or glass.

Shop for Glasses and Lenses Online Today

It's possible to order high-quality glasses with all types of lenses online. You may save money when you order your glasses and lenses via the Web, so why not look for the right glasses and lenses today?

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